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SMART Positioner - Everything you need to protect your phosphor plates and ensure perfect image alignment.

Flow's patented SMART system makes using phosphor plates just as easy, familiar and convenient as film.

Simply load your phosphor plate into the SMART Cassette and snap close. The disposable cassette keeps phosphor plates safe from damage and protects them from moisture and light exposure.  Place the cassette into the Universal Bite Block, attach an arm and an aiming ring, then place in the patient's mouth.

SMART ensures perfect plate/cone alignment for every exposure. When you're done, take the plate out, process it and discard the cassette. The rest of the SMART system, including the bite blocks, arms and rings, is completely autoclavable. 

All parts are colour coded for easy assembly and cassettes are available for plate sizes 0/1 and 2. 

You can purchase the SMART Positioner Kit or replacement parts.  

Package and Ordering Information:

  • Item # 40854 -    SMART Kit
                            SMART Kit Includes:
  • Item # 408570 - 1 Anterior Aiming Arm
  • Item # 408590 - 2 Anterior Aiming Rings
  • Item # 408580 - 2 Posterior Aiming Rings
  • Item # 408700 - 8 Universal Bite Blocks